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Farm Room:

Learn & Grow is excited to announce the addition of our infant care program, for ages 1 month through 11 months!  Our infant specialists are excited to welcome your precious little ones!

The spacious and cozy room is clean, safe, age-appropriate and well-equipped. The outdoor play area, devoted to infants, is accessed from the room.  This naturalistic area is ideal for nature experiences. 

Our affordable rates (approximately 10% less than certain area providers), intimate setting, experienced/loving caregivers, and smaller room attendance (probable less exposure to illnesses) add together wonderful attributes, equaling a home-away-from-home option for your family.

There are 4 slots available, first registered first served.  Priority will be given to full time attendees.     

Ocean Room:

Our Toddler Program uses real-world sensory experiences to help your child learn about the world around him or her.  Imagination and creativity are encouraged through our pretend play and art centers.  Your toddler's day is filled with singing, dancing, playing, and exploring. He or she will start to learn basic concepts, numbers, letters, and new words, helping to build language skills.  Daily group activities introduce your toddler to the concepts of sharing and taking turns. Indoor and outdoor play areas encourage coordination and large motor development.

Children have access to books, dramatic play props and home center activities as well as activities like art, sensory, stories, songs, music and movement.     

The toddler outside area is a huge and naturalistic space offering: trikes, slides, loose parts, vehicles, and other climbing equipment.  The toys assist with developing large motor skills, coordination and balance.

Jungle Room:

Our Preschool classroom is an excellent place for children to learn the basic preschool concepts like shapes, colors, animals, counting, sorting and many others.  The classroom curriculum will continue with the social/emotional development and expressing emotions, but it will also encompass problem solving and building friendships. 

The children have many different areas to play and learn including: dramatic play, home-living center, science center, language arts center, art center, and more.

Children learn about life through playing. The home-living area offers various props.

Our jungle tree is an amazing hang-out and a charming accent to our group gathering area.   

This class is reflective of tradtional classrooms. Children begin to learn phonics, letter and sound recognition and beginning reading skills.

Play is childrens work!  

A variety of age-appropriate learning materials and opportunities ignite the play experiences. 

Teacher initiated themes are enahnced via rotation of classroom props. Hands-on learning opportunities allow children to experiment and make 'learning' fun!

Learn & Grow staff communicate with local school systems when setting goals for our preschoolers, to ensure that they are prepared to enter kindergarten. 

We begin to introduce children to more concrete concepts, such as letters, numbers, etc., in our pre-school program.  As children play and explore their environment, our staff is continuously using opportunities to teach, while the children think they are simply playing. 

As children move through our program, they continue to improve skills, until they graduate from our Pre-K program ready to start Kindergarten both socially and intellectually.  

Outdoor Environment

Children climb, run, jump and explore nature in our huge outdoor play environment.  The large naturalistic play area allows children to enjoy fresh air while building large motor skills. 

The outdoor kitchen is a favorite play area (and it is undercover) with: real pots/pans/utensils/bowls, log cookies, log rounds, sensory bins, and other elements of nature.

Grass, playbark, ivy, trees with knot holes and squirrels residing, gravel, clover, log rounds, dirt, sand, mud, birds, bugs, and more..... the joys of outdoor play!